Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys

Hi!  I’m Karen Blanchard, or aka Meme.  I’m the author of Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys.  This book was originally written for my grandkids to enjoy, but after so much encouragement I have become public with it.  I created a interactive website for kids to share survival tips, play games.  Each character has a page to read about.  Send them an email to respond to or create a pot.  I shared Meme’s page to give an idea.

I have decided to make the Ball Bug Boys a series of books because my grandkids keep giving me things to write about.  They’re fun, exciting, and always into something.  Send me ideas and I’ll let you know if I can use them for my next book.

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Survival for Kids

From the Ball Bug Boys
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Meme’s Kitchen Survival
Meme and Poor Paw
Hi! Survival can be defined and applied to several situations. I chose to help others survive around the house using different household items for multiple uses, recipes and survival in the garden.  Please subscribe to my webpage to receive free weekly useful hints to collect for yourself.

I am also the author of the children’s 7-12 chapter book Adventures of the Ball Bug Boys.  You’re kids or grandkids will love the adventures that these kids do.

Randy inspired my idea of writing the book by his stories he would tell our grandchildren.  I used his character names and put my own spin on the stories.  It turned out to be a successful collaboration.

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Here is an excerpt for the next Ball Bug Boy Adventure book.

Flip and Layton were daring one another to get up in the trees to put on the ornaments. Layton told Flip, “I’m not scared I just don’t like to climb trees.” Flip said, “If you’re not scared, I dare you to climb that tree,” as he pointed to large Live Oak. Layton looked at the tree and back at Flip. The rest of the Ball Bug Boys got into the dare. Each of them saying, “I dare you, I double dare you,” “You’re scared.”

Layton couldn’t let them think he was scared, so he said, “Ok, I’ll show you, I’ll climb up to the top.” Layton got out the rope and swung it around the lower branch to help him get up to it. The lower branch was too high for him to reach.

Layton was on the bottom branch. As he reached for the next branch he was shaking and felt a little nauseous. He made it to the next branch. Kadyn yelled out, “You need the ornaments.”  Layton said, “I’m not putting the ornaments on the tree.” Kadyn said, “You’re already up there.” Layton knew he wasn’t taking his hands off the branches to hang the ornaments. Flip was watching in horror, because he was also afraid of heights. He wouldn’t have ever gone on a dare. He didn’t care who knew he was scared. About that time, Layton threw up and it came an inch close to landing on Flip. Flip yelled up at him and said, “Did you do that on purpose?” Layton yelled back, “No, I don’t think so. I got sick before I knew I was.” Flip yelled back, “Okay, you can come down.” Layton had gone almost to the top. He took a step down but couldn’t find the branch. He didn’t want to look down because he was scared.

The Ball Bug Boys were all afraid for him at this point because he was so far up. They now wished they hadn’t dared him. Layton was trying again to find another branch to step down on. Poor Paw had gone to the store or he would have climbed up there and got him down. Flip went to see if they could find the tall ladder to get him down. He found a ladder but it wasn’t tall enough for Layton to step down on. Kadyn knew they needed to tell Meme so he ran inside to get her. Meme, Paige, and Makya came outside and tried to coax him down too. Layton wasn’t budging.

You’ll have to wait until it’s finished to see how Layton gets out of the tree!  Hope he doesn’t break a leg!